About Me
My name is Alessa Gutierrez. I'm a 4-year-old girl.

My birthday is
December 27, 2019.
Sponsorship Program

Children's Center

Family Status

CDL Staff Single Mother, 1 Child

Favorite Things

When teams visit CDL, learning bible verses and praying for food

My Story

Alessa is the daughter of single mother Abi. They have been a part of the CDL family since the winter of 2021. Alessa is an extremely intelligent, affectionate and expressive little girl. She is very active and loves to be the teacher's helper in her class. Alessa's Mom Abi came to Casa de Luz asking for help after she separated from her husband. She was working two jobs to provide for her daughter and had no one to care for Alessa while she worked. When we interviewed Abi and gave her the news that her daughter would be accepted into Casa de Luz, she was overwhelmed with thankfulness! In 2022, CDL also supported Abi with an Educational Scholarship so that she could obtain her master's degree in special education! Most recently, Abi came on staff as part of the Casa de Luz team. This has been a blessing for Abi, for CDL, and very positive for Alessa, too!