About Me
My name is Iker Moreno. I'm a 5-year-old boy.

My birthday is
January 8, 2017.
Sponsorship Program

Children's Center

Family Status

Great Grandmother, 2 Children



Favorite Things

Playing with cars and the colour red.

My Story

Ana is the great-grandmother of Iker and his older brother, Esteban. She came to Casa de Luz asking for help in the fall of 2021 when she began full-time care of her great grandsons and was desperate for help. Iker is struggling in many ways and needs the support and love of CDL.

When we told Ana that her great-grandsons were accepted into CDL, she cried tears of relief that “her boys” would be in a safe place. That they would be learning and growing in the healthy environment provided for them at CDL. Each time we talk to her, Ana cries tears of thankfulness for the help and support that she has received.

When Iker arrived at CDL he was initially very shy and did not participate. Now, he has begun to trust us and has made many friends in his classroom. Iker’s favorite color is red, and he can often be found playing with the toy cars at CDL.