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Provide a one-time or recurring gift to the Construction Project Coordinator at Casa de Luz Ministries. Brad and Laura are working with disadvantaged families on-site in Primo Tapia, Mexico.

Dear friends and family,


We have a not so inside joke in our family that goes something like, “never say never”. It started before Brad and I were even married and has continued to be a theme in the life of our family that we can point back to and say, “only God could’ve done that”.  We have witnessed him take most of our “I will never's and miraculously make us willing participants in them! Shortly after we were married we were sitting through a missions presentation in church and I looked over at Brad and said, “I would love it if God called us to missions at some point in our journey.” He responded with, “I know I’m called to give and send people on missions, but I’m not called to go.”  “Okay then Brad” I thought, “let’s see about that”.  


Having spent a year overseas with my family when I was a child and then doing another short term trip as a young adult, going on missions with my own family someday has been a desire in my heart for a long time and yet with neither Brad nor I having what we thought were “typical” skill sets or training that your “normal” missionaries might need on top of feeling like practically speaking we couldn’t leave our life here in Abbotsford, it’s something that was far in the back of my mind… That was until a couple of weeks ago when I was staring at a job opportunity on the website of Casa de Luz (CDL) Ministries that seemed perfect for Brad. In my heart, my hand shot up high and I shouted, “Here we are Lord, send us!”


Since then with the enthusiastic yeses (not all of them right away) of Brad and all of our kids, the Lord has flung wide doors where our major questions of practicality were and set this incredible opportunity in front of us to go and spend a year serving with CDL.


In a snapshot, “Casa de Luz (House of Light) works to bring hope to single mothers and impoverished families in Primo Tapia. They work to keep families together in a place where many mothers are forced to abandon their children because they can’t afford to care for them.  They are involved in long-term, gospel-centered community development, offering support and resources in every tangible way, because they believe that God has a plan for the people there - plans that are good and full of hope.”


For us as a family, joining this ministry looks like Brad overseeing a fairly major construction project for them so that they can serve the growing needs of these families and community in exciting new ways. Brad will work together with local workers and partnering teams coming from Canada and the States to implement the plans for these buildings while also helping to give visiting teams meaningful missions experiences and work. The kids and I will be spending our days between homeschooling and time at the children’s center, and once we find our groove, I hope to come alongside the other ministry staff to join in the work God has placed before us whatever that might look like. It’s a super exciting time to be joining CDL in all they’re doing and we know it is a gift to be able to do this as a family.


And as I sit here to type out this letter Psalm 127:1 keeps running through my mind… “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.”  We are deeply aware of the fact that God is sovereign over all… sovereign over us and over our plans to go and serve with CDL and we know all the human strength and effort in the world will not get us there unless the Lord wills it… unless the Lord does it… in this we trust Him fully. In the most practical sense we need the Lord to provide for us financially to be able to go.  We know He often does this by prompting people to give of the resources He’s given them… If this is something you’d consider helping with either through a one time gift or committing to a monthly amount for the year we are there, please visit We also would be so grateful to know we have our village lifting us in prayer.  If you’d like to follow along with us via newsletters please send an email to and we will keep you updated as the journey unfolds and of prayer needs as they arise.


With gratefulness and for God’s glory...


Laura (for the Team Toews fam)