Support Toni & Erin Santos

Provide a one-time or recurring gift to the managing directors of Casa de Luz Ministries. Toni and Erin are working with disadvantaged families on-site in Primo Tapia, Mexico.

We are Erin and Toni Santos, the parents of 4 children, and the Managing Directors of Casa de Luz. We moved down here to Primo Tapia from BC, Canada in August 2011 for the opening of Casa de Luz. Over the years that we have lived in Primo Tapia, we have learned and grown so much… God has tested our faith, challenged us to take steps of faith and trust Him, and proven Himself to be faithful time and time again.

It has been an absolute privilege working alongside our local church, La Hermosa, and Pastor Daniel and Pastora Aleyda in the leadership of Casa de Luz. We have learned so much from them about faith and trust, and seeing God do the impossible. They are amazing, wise partners with a deep and genuine passion for serving the Lord and those in need. 

Casa de Luz opened its door as a Children’s Center in 2011 with 3 staff members and 17 children, and has grown to include an Adult Education program, a Youth Mentorship program, an Education and Scholarship program and en emphasis on the empowerment of single mothers through small business initiatives. 

The Lord never ceases to amaze us with his provision and compassion for the poor, and the way in which He transforms the darkness of lives into hope, purpose and potential in Him. We love seeing God move in hearts and lives, and seeing Him restore the broken. We love seeing families flourish.

Serving God at Casa de Luz is an honor, and one that we know we wouldn’t have if it weren’t for friends and partners like you who have linked arms with our family. We want to thank you. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for walking with us. Thank you for supporting us… in prayers, finances, and words of encouragement. I know that I will never be able to express the gratitude that’s in our hearts, but I want you to know how TRULY each of these things are appreciated. Thank you.