About Me
My name is Vanessa Avila. I'm a 17-year-old girl.

My birthday is
July 1, 2003.
Sponsorship Program


Family Status

Single Mother, 3 Children


Melissa, Cristian

Favorite Things

Playing soccer, or any sport at all!

My Story

Vanessa and her younger siblings Melissa and Christian are the children of single Mother Cristina. Vanessa has attended CDL since our opening, first as a part of the children’s centre and now in CDL’s Youth Mentorship Program and Scholarship Program. Vanessa is a very quiet, mature and reserved young lady who is well loved at CDL. It has been a pleasure to see Vanessa grow into the lovely young lady that she is. Vanessa is also very talented athletically, she is a gifted soccer player and plays for a local women’s team in Primo Tapia. Because of the scholarship that she receives in CDL’s Scholarship Program, Vanessa is able to continue her education and work towards finishing high school. Ever since Vanessa was a young girl, she has always told us that she dreams of being an architect. She would love to one day be in a financial position where she can take her Mother on a vacation to thank her for all that she has done for her.