Dilan Estrella

About Me
My name is Dilan Estrella. I'm a 4-year-old boy.

My birthday is
June 14, 2016.
Sponsorship Program

Children's Center

Family Status

Single Mother, 1 Child

Favorite Things

Motorbikes and playing on the playground

My Story

Dilan is the only child of young single mother, Lucia. Dilan and Lucia have been a part of the CDL family since the fall of 2019. Dilan loves playing with motorbikes, they are by far his favorite toy! He also loves to play soccer, and can often be found playing on the park at CDL. It has been a joy to see how Dilan has begun to thrive amidst the stability and love that CDL has provided for him.


Dilan’s mother Lucia came to CDL asking for help with her son after she separated from her husband. Lucia works at a local hotel as a housekeeper and works very hard to provide for her son’s needs. She is part of CDL’s ESL class, and is working towards learning English with us. She shared with us that she came to CDL because she desperately needed someone to extend their hand to her, and to give her an opportunity to change her life and her son’s life.


We are so thankful to have Dilan and Lucia as part of the CDL family. Please pray for Dilan and Lucia, that God would heal their hearts from all that they have been through and give Lucia the opportunity to change her life, and the strength and peace that she seeks.