About Me
My name is Ximena Fraire. I'm a 9-year-old girl.

My birthday is
September 16, 2013.
Sponsorship Program

Children's Center

Family Status

Single Mother, 2 Children at CDL



Favorite Things

Drawing and Making crafts

My Story

Ximena and her younger sister, Kimberly, have been at Casa de Luz since November of 2021. Ximena has loved spending her days at Casa de Luz, and can often be found chatting with her friends, drawing, or making a craft with her Casa de Luz teacher. Ximena and her sister Kimberly have flourished with the stability that her classes, teachers and new friends have provided. They have been through a lot of changes and moves in their family, and desperately needed a safe, stable place where they could settle.  

 Ximena’s Mom, Adriana, is a very dedicated mother who works hard at a local restaurant to provide for her daughters. Adriana dreams of owning her own home one day. We are so thankful that God has given us the opportunity to partner with this family, and we are excited to see all that God is going to do in and through them.