About Me
My name is Estefania Tarazon. I'm a 11-year-old girl.

My birthday is
February 27, 2009.
Sponsorship Program

Children's Center

Family Status

CDL Staff Family, 2 Children



Favorite Things

Doing crafts at CDL

My Story

Estefania and her sister Mariana have been at Casa de Luz since the fall of 2015. They have a bit of a different situation than those that we usually see at CDL. Estefania and Mariana have grown up in an orphanage in Tijuana, and last fall were taken out of the orphanage by a distant relative and brought to live in foster care in the relative's home. Their foster parents, Leonel and Isela, are strong members of La Hermosa church and have 4 children of their own. But when they discovered that the girls were living in the orphanage, they started working right away with the DIF (Mexican Social Services) to bring the girls to their home. In Nov 2015, Isela and Leonel brought Mariana and Estefania to live with them. Leonel works as a janitor for a local real estate company and Isela is a nail technician, and with the support of CDL they are both still able to work to provide for their family. Estefania is a very friendly, active little girl who loves dancing with the other CDL girls. She also loves to do crafts. Since they have come to CDL, Mariana and Estefania have finally found the stability that they so desperately needed in their lives. We are so thankful that God has given us the opportunity to partner with this family, and we are excited to see all that God is going to do in and through them. Isela asks that you would be praying for her, "that God would help me be the best Mom that I can to Estefania and Mariana each day. Thank you."