About Me
My name is Santiago Padilla. I'm a 7-year-old boy.

My birthday is
March 2, 2014.
Sponsorship Program

Children's Center

Family Status

Single Mother, 3 Children


Brianna, Miguel

Favorite Things

Playing with toy cars and on the playground with his friends

My Story

Santiago and his two older siblings, Brianna and Miguel, are the children of single mother Yadira. Brianna, Miguel and Yadira arrived at Casa de Luz in August 2013, when Yadira was 3 months pregnant with Santiago. Santiago has grown into a wonderful, friendly, very active little boy. He love to run, dance, sing and play with the toy cars at CDL. Before coming to CDL, Yadira was struggling to find care for her children, often leaving them home alone because she had no other alternative for their care and couldn't afford to pay for someone to watch them while she worked. Yadira is currently working towards finishing her high school education here with us at Casa de Luz, so that in the future she will be able to find a better paying job. We continue to pray for this family, that God would bless Yadira and really touch her heart so that she has the confidence to make positive decisions for her family.