Sherlyn Perez

About Me
My name is Sherlyn Perez. I'm a 16-year-old girl.

My birthday is
June 27, 2004.
Sponsorship Program


Family Status

Single Mother, 4 Children

Favorite Things

Listening to Music

My Story

Sherlyn has been a part of the CDL family since 2013, first at CDL’s Children’s Center, then as part of the Youth Mentorship Program, and now our Scholarship Program as well. Sherlyn shared with us that her Mom has been a single Mom since Sherlyn was 8 years old, when she, her younger brothers and older sister started attending CDL. She tells us that she wants to prepare herself so that she can “be someone” in life and have a career. Sherlyn is a very friendly and outgoing young lady who has made good friends in CDL’s Youth Mentorship Program. She dreams of being a Lawyer one day so that she can provide a house in good conditions for her family. Because of the scholarship that she receives in CDL’s Scholarship Program, Sherlyn is able to continue studying. Without this scholarship, Sherlyn would have to work to help provide for her family and would not have the opportunity to finish her high school education.