About Me
My name is Edna Carmona. I'm a girl.
Sponsorship Program


Family Status

Single Mother, 2 Children

My Story

Edna and her sons Dilan and Mateo have been a part of the CDL family since September of 2014. Thanks to her dedication and incredibly hard work, Edna completed her own high school education in CDL’s Education Completion Program. Because of the scholarship that she receives in CDL’s Scholarship Program, Edna is also now realizing her dream of becoming an Accountant by studying her Bachelor of Accounting education at a local university. Edna is an incredibly hard-working, dedicated Mother, who works full-time in addition to studying full-time in the evenings and on the weekends. She has maintained a 95% average in her classes at the university, and is on-track to graduate in August of 2020. It has been an absolute pleasure to see all that Edna has accomplished as part of the CDL family, and we believe that we will continue to see God do great things in the lives of Edna and her children.